Getting to Know You (Me)

Another Movie Review Blog?

God, I know, right?

Hi there, and welcome to I Want To Watch Movies, But For Free, a movie review site set up by me, so that I can stop making 7,000 word Facebook posts in which I rant about Batman v. Superman that no one reads.  Instead, I’ll write 10,000 word WordPress posts that (hopefully) some people read.

What do I have to add to the conversation?  Well, that’s a good question.  I’m the definition of a critic, not a participant.  I have the ability to articulate why things work in film, and am currently (pretentiously) getting my Masters in Liberal Arts, dealing a lot in film and science fiction. I enjoy the aesthetics of movies, but, eventually, I’d like to be able to do active reviews of films in theaters, dealing with modern movies.

I also find that a lot of movie critics are forced to write to a certain length for publication, and I want this to be a place that allows for longer, more intricate, and more argumentative conversations about film, theory, and power.

Is There Any Required Reading?


However, if you want to be more informed about film and film theory, or look at alternate reviewers who have influenced me, I can give you a brief list of good sources.

Every Frame A Painting is one of the best video blogs on the entire internet.  Tony Zhou is a film editor and deconstructs film theory, from prop selection to cut selection.  Each one of his videos is a short course on a filmmaker’s style, tone, and effectiveness.  You should probably watch all of them.  The Bayhem video will finally make Transformers make sense to you.

Red Letter Media is a film company based out of Milwaukee.  Between Half in the Bag(their film reviews), Best of the Worst (watching terrible movies on VHS to find the “best” of the “worst”), and their new series Re:View, Red Letter Media is one of the finest sites for movie reviews on the planet.  And then there is Mr. Plinkett, a character so wonderful that his roommate was The Emperor from Star Wars, and either one could be the bigger villain.  The Plinkett reviews of Star Wars and Star Trek are major inspirations to me, and my way of looking at things.

The AV Club is the media review wing of The Onion, which reviews all pop culture.  Frequently, I will read their reviews and watch movies because of them.  This is high praise.

So, What’s the Schedule?

At the moment, it’s just me, so I am going to try to put something up once a week.  If you have a film that you want me to watch and talk about, I’m happy to take requests.  I’ve done this before, so I will not promise anything, but make sure to check out our Facebook Page or my twitter for updates when we go live.


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