I forget how hard titles are to come up with.

Anyway, Dr. Strange.  I liked it.  Are we done?

I’m a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for all of it’s flaws.  I think it works really well as an expanded thing, and I really like the attempt at interconnected stories.  Dr. Strange was really good in some of these ways, did a couple of scenes really well, and attempted some interesting visual things with a pretty difficult concept.

Dr. Strange also showed some of the flaws in the Marvel formula by trying some different things, and attempting to change up some ideas in it.


I liked the way that the character got power.  Instead of it being an accident or an invention, or him being a literal god, he was just a dude who was driven to try to fix everything around him.

I liked that he was not a traditional hero, and I liked that he was really kind of a prick at the beginning.

I liked that the “romance” in the movie was barely a romance and was not the forefront of the whole movie.

I liked that the bad guy was bad, and was defeated by a clever trick instead of being blown up or killed.  It was refreshing for someone with powers to do something smart instead of smashing shit all the time.

I liked the reverse time fight.  It was an interesting twist on blowing up the whole city.  Good stuff.

The cape was cool, and worked really well.

No Likey

I want Marvel to be more ambitious.  Dr. Strange is the perfect vehicle to tell a totally far out story, where the stakes are super high, but invisible to the real world.  I’d love to have him going Yojimbo between two otherworldly powers.

I am kind of sick of the same plot for each of these movies.  Intro, tragedy, find power, use power irresponsibly, see consequences, learn of villain, use power responsibly to defeat villain, set up sequel.  Hopefully, as we come to the sequels for many of the stand alone movies, we will get some more of that (Guardians 2, I’m looking at you, also, you, Homecoming).

I don’t like that Dr. Strange had the same origin as Tony Stark in many ways.  They are different characters, and Strange always seemed to be distant and weird, not wisecracking.  I get that is hard to make into an action figure, but trying would have been cool.  Remember the lesson of Drax and Groot.  You don’t need everyone to be a heroic wise cracker, you need people to have distinct personalities.

I don’t like how long this took me to get up.

More discussions to come

Hey guys! I know it has been forever, and I have great excuses, just the best excuses, but I am glad you’ve stuck around.  Let me know if you want me to watch anything, and I hope that this finds you well.


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